The LaPlan team developed a set of software products based on the idea of automating the three main stages of work with drawings of real estate items: onsite measurements, processing drawings on a desktop (at office), as well as teamwork with a drawing in the web environment (sharing, viewing, etc).
Your measurements take hours, while getting a drawing in AutoCAD|ArchiCAD take days or weeks? Get an e-drawing in real-time mode
while being onsite!
It’s not clear for you how to measure an object where all the angles are curvy and walls are round? Algorithms for measuring even the most complex buildings are implemented in LaPlan!
Drawings contain errors and
you have to visit the site again?
All the errors are detected in the process of measuring, as they all seen on a screen!
You don’t have any opportunity
for calculating the areas onsite?
LaPlan calculates floor and walls areas and shows them on the smartphone screen!
Information written down on paper is not enough
for working with a drawing?
In LaPlan images with an object sizes and audio commentary can be attached to an object!
Can’t demonstrate a design project to a customer online? You can create a personal page of a customer and show him project in 3D at the portal!
Education of a new measurement specialist takes weeks and time of experienced staff? Learning LaPlan takes 4-6 hours!


Saving your time.
You will save up to 80% of the time required for creation of e-drawings.

High accuracy.
You will rule out the possibility of inaccurate measurement of an object.

Now you don’t have to do drawings in CAD after measurements. LaPlan work for you!

Easy to use.
Just a few minutes of training!
One gets used to good things fast.

Drawings will always be at hand.
Drawings will be available
from your phone, on the website
as well as on the computer!

Task management.
You can set tasks and monitor their performance on the portal.


LaPlan Mobile

is developed for its integrated use with laser distancemeter. After receiving data via Bluetooth, the application creates a drawing on the screen of your smartphone or tablet PC, allowing calculation of areas, building of 3D models, attaching photos with sizes and more. The application is available for iOs and Android.

LaPlan Portal

will allow storing your drawings in the cloud, converting them to DWG format, collaborating and managing tasks on drawings processing.

LaPlan Editor and CAD connectors

LaPlan Editor has 80% of the AutoCAD functionality and saves your drawings to DWG format. To work in a familiar environment, you can use AutoCAD or ArchiCAD with the use of LaPlan add-on. With these programs, you can make full use of drawings data, obtained by LaPlan Mobile (primary plan, photos, voice and text comments).


When making a plan on the computer, it often turns out that measurements were made with errors and a drawing is not accurate. When using classic technology the only solution is to revisit a site.
With LaPlan Mobile all measuring errors are detected directly onsite and immediately fixed, which significantly saves time and energy.

Due to the web-portal features it became possible to organize work of the team as follows: a measurement specialist receives drawing checked for errors onsite and sends it to a website. Designer and quantity surveyor immediately start their work and then send results to the measurement specialist who makes a commercial offer to a client without leaving him or her, also the client is given individual access to the project page where he or she can monitor the project implementation and view its graphics: drawings, design projects and even 3D models of the object.

It's one thing when a person with a piece of paper and a pen arrives to a customer and promises to make an offer within a few days, but when the client sees an interactive process of measurements as well as calculations in real time, it makes a completely different impression. High-tech processes and high speed of queries processing create the right image of your company which is a serious competitive advantage.

Maintenance crew management is a challenge. One needs to be in several places at the same time, supervise every detail and account for risks. "Laser Drawing" allows not only making fast measurements and automatic constructing of an object plan, but also working effectively with subordinates. One can assign tasks to employees, mark the resolved ones and control quality via the convenient Web service.